Thursday, 27 December 2012

I saved a crab today, what did you do with your day?

I got put in charge of the post for today, which is never a good har she goes.....Today we took the long walk to George Town. It was a pretty active day compared to yesterday where we made it only as far as the nearest beer joint. There we met a friendly dude and his son also escaping the bitter cold of the Rocky Mountains via Wyoming. Standing upon the beach a lovely little turtle popped his head up from the oh so light surf and caught Logan's oh so acutely trained eyes! While speaking to a woman we obtained insider info of a sting ray perusing the beach, which it just so happened we caught a glimpse and still photo of ! 
We saw some amazing local crafts on our adventures today, and BooBoo got some pretty impressive flippum blisters. It is defiantly interesting walking along roads when everyone is traveling at all, and i mean all speeds, and at time only having inches to spare. Booboo in her facination picked up our little hitch hiker and gave hime a ride to the beach, we called him "crabby " ; D even though he was a sweet little fellow. All in all a fantastic day !  To my loving Bertnee and Dane i hope you had a beautiful birthday ! Much love to all ! The pictures that follow are in some what chronological order :)

 A Breakfast for us !!!!

Can you tell I'm freezing !!!!! NOT
 I spy whit my little eye.....

Booboo's rescuee!

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