Monday, 31 December 2012

Flustery Blustery and Still Beautiful

Its amazing how much you marvel at the weather when you don't get a change in it for a year. For the last couple of days the winds have been flitting about and the sky has been gray. Do we mind !? Nay we say !!

We've been taking it pretty easy what with the weather not being terribly conducive to swimming. Instead we're watching the trees blow around, and trying to avoid doing the Electric Slide every time we touch our shorted-out stove. We have plans for later in the week, so we're keeping our fingers crossed for better weather.

We'll have to just go sit on the beach and wait for the turtles to come to us.

Never give me a panorama option and expect me not to use it ! 

Blisters and sand flea bites. Some may call them annoying .. i call em battle wounds ! 

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