Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!!! 
We rang in the new year by listening to an amazing band at the local hot spot called catch a fire.I hope everyone rang in 2013 well and safe ! Guess what ?! The world didn't end last night !


Just working on my handicap.

Doesn't my lovely boo boo look so happy !

Can you see the face ? No i don't mean mine ;)

This is Lovie our landlord and friend.


  1. You two are having too much fun. Suck it up and come back to Colorado and deal with the cold with the rest of us!

    ...glad you guys are having a blast :)


  2. Really? Come on guys you're just showing off now!! I must agree with J.--come join us at cold corner Colorado! Happy New Year!!

  3. P.S.......your Son ate a very large bowl of beans tonight along with buttered cornbread & several crackers with butter & a large glass of milk! Oredog ate his pill & tried to eat Annies squeaky toy--caught just in time! Good Lord!! Hope the fumes have cleared before your return! Love Ya! MizWag