Thursday, 24 January 2013

We're Still Here

We're back in Colorado, finally! In a desperate bid to escape Phoenix, we moved to Colorado in the middle of winter, and boy what an introduction we got. Temperatures in the -10 degree range. We don't have internet at our new place yet, it's been difficult to find a provider way out in the country, so the blog may be quiet for a bit. We will post pictures when we get internet.
Our new place is about 18 miles outside of the Durango, just north of Breen. We'll be able to have chickens and a large garden!
Logan got a great job (within a day!) working at a dealership and is really happy.
Kade is loving his new school, it's a small school, and very personal. He has a great teacher and new friends. He gets to take the bus right from the top of the driveway, and has friends right across the road. He seems to be settling in to the new routine quite well.
More to come.....

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