Wednesday, 2 January 2013


"Get out of bed!!! Honey, Get out of bed!!!!"
It's about 10 pm and I wake to Logan's panicked hollers. I slowly role out of bed.
"There's something in the bed! I swear! There is something in the bed! It crawled up my side, it's 'this big! No seriously!"
We begin to look, and as the search continues, I begin to doubt the validity of the claim. Finally, I lift a pillow off the floor and see something large scuttle away. I'm awake now, but the bug is gone.
We begin searching anew. Finally, I look at the curtains and scream like a little girl.....

 This dude is about 4.5 inches across.
Luckily Logan is not as big of a wimp as I am, and did not stand in the doorway whimpering with me. Logan managed to get him into the biggest pot we could find. Turns out it's what's known as a "ground spider" here. As far as we can tell it's the same thing as a cane spider. They're scary looking, but completely harmless.

Anyway, after a night of sleeplessness and creepy crawlies, we got up and went to George Town for another look around. Then we headed to the beach for some snorkling fun. Not that many fish, a couple of needle fish and a turtle. The water was a bit cold :p, but we really can't complain. We begin the long journey home tomorrow. 

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  1. EEEEEKKKKK! Come home & get away from the scary shit!! Love ya! MizWag