Tuesday, 25 December 2012

We Made It!

In an effort to compromise and keep our friends and families informed of our adventures, while still avoiding facebook! : D we created this blog. We got a new camera just before leaving so that we can take underwater photos, so expect lots of pictures!

We finally arrived at our cabin on the Exumas yesterday about 10am, a mere 18 hours late. It was a bit of a struggle to get here, involving more than a few misadventures. But between delayed flights and missing connections, we managed to have quite a bit of fun sitting in the Orlando airport. Be warned, the Orlando airport is freezing!

Our cabin and the people here have made it more than worth it. It's about 75 degrees and partly cloudy with a cool sea breeze. The cabin is just perfect for us, with a small kitchen and plenty of outside sitting space. The landlady is very knowledgeable and incredibly sweet. She's been here for 50 years, came from Britain, and never left. Can't say I blame her!

There's a cute little market just down the road, and an amazing fish fry next to the beach. The water is clear blue, and the beaches are soft white sand. We have yet to go snorkeling, still recovering from the 2 days of travel, but we'll keep you updated on the fish we see.

Much love to all!

Hope you are all staying warm. Merry Christmas!


  1. How is the brew down there?


    1. Its actually delicious !! called sands beer and kalik

  2. Left 2 comments. Don't know where they went. Miss you guys. Love the blog. Want more wendy